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If you’re an avid cannabis consumer or require it for medical purposes, We’re sure you’ve thought about growing your own cannabis, at least once. And who wouldn’t? Obtaining cannabis becomes easy. You can grow the strain you like. Ensure the quality of your harvest. Grow according to your requirements. And it is much more economical!

While there are so many benefits to growing our own herb, it’s just not that easy. A lot of investment, time and care goes into growing full cannabis plants and you must be well versed with the legalities of your state.

For the state of California, an adult user has enough freedom to grow their own cannabis in limitations. Whether you’re growing your medical stash with an mmj recommendation or growing recreationally legal cannabis, there are rules to follow. And to ensure that what you’re growing is the best quality hemp produce, there are certain guidelines you can follow.

Factors to Consider Before You Grow Your Own Cannabis

Before you sow that seed and hope for Jack’s beanstalk, here are a few things you should remember. These factors are sure to affect how your personal hemp will turn out.


When it comes to growing hemp, you’ll be required to make quite a few investments. Especially if you want your produce to be of quality. For most indoor growers, this investment can pan up to a minimum of $100. If you’re able to do it in less, good for you. But the cost really just goes up.

For indoor growers, there is some basic equipment you’ll have to invest in. These basically include a grow tent, grow light, a fan, a ventilator, air filters, light reflectors and a pH meter.

The expenses may seem high, but compared to how much you spend every time you buy your stash from the dispensary, you’re actually saving a lot.

Keeping the equipment aside, just buying high quality seeds can be expensive. You’re also going to incur a higher electricity bill if you’re cultivating indoors.

For outdoor plantation, you’ll be able to save a lot of costs, no longer requiring any artificial light sources, fans or ventilators. However, with no control over the environment, you may not be able to grow your required quality of stash.

You’ll Have to Control the Smell

Growing your stash indoors will not eliminate the smell. During flowering, much of the hemp plants give off a very strong and distinct smell that really cannot be mistaken. And unless you want your neighbors to get a waft of what you’re baking, you’ll have to invest in some ventilators, fans and grow tents to stop the smell from going out.

You can also invest in some other distinctly fragrant plants to balance out the weedy smell.

Light Sources

Weed needs a good amount of light and if you’re growing your stash indoors, you’re going to need some bright bulbs around your harvest. This is one of the investments we talked about. While LED lights might be too expensive to invest in for this purpose, metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights are the most common lights that indoor weed growers invest in.

Type of Cannabis to Grow

This includes two things. First, choose the strain you wanna grow. Second, choose whether you wanna grow your hemp in soil or use another base.

There are hundreds of cannabis strains out there for you to experiment with. Which means you’ll need to do some thorough research before growing any of these strains, their requirements for a healthy yield and how beneficial it is going to be for you.

Other than the strain you also have to choose between a traditional or a hydroponic grow.

Traditional Grow

This one’s simple, you grow your hemp in soil and let the plants absorb the nutrients directly from the soil.

Hydroponic Grow

This is a soilless mode of growing weed, using different mediums and nutrient rich solutions. These mediums could be coco coir, water, sand or misted air.

Traditional way of growing is comparatively easier while the hydroponic growth can help yield better quality produce. You can start by growing your first yield traditionally and work your way towards more complex procedures.

Do You Need a Grower’s License?

As an adult above the age of 21, you can grow up to 6 cannabis plants recreationally. However, if you’re trying to grow any more than that without a license, you can get caught up in some legal complications.

Basically, 6 plants are more than enough for recreational use, and if you’re looking to grow more for your medical reasons it’s preferable to apply for an MMJ card California along with a grower’s license. This will allow you to legally grow as many cannabis plants as your medical condition requires.

Either way, you no longer have to pay high prices to buy your stash from dispensaries. You can grow your own high quality and cheap cannabis.

Some other things to keep in mind while growing cannabis at home..

You must choose the right space to grow your hemp: this could be indoors or outdoors. However, be aware of the dangers and benefits of both and choose what’s suitable for you.

Before you grow your own yield, you must understand the nutrient requirements of plants. Some basic nutrients essential for plant growth are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, manganese and magnesium, zinc, iron and more.

Like any other plants, these too are susceptible to stunted growth due to nutrient deficiencies or pests and insects. Signs like pale foliage; spotted, curling and twisted leaves; white powder on foliage etc., indicate that the plant has been compromised to pests.

Last Words of Advice

If you’re thinking about growing your own cannabis, keep the following things in mind:

  • You need money to invest, but you’ll spend less on growing than buying from dispensaries.
  • Your produce will have a distinct smell that you can mask using fans, ventilators and tents.
  • If you’re growing indoor cannabis, you’ll need a lot of light sources.
  • There are hundreds of different strains available to choose from, so find the one beneficial for you.
  • There are different ways to grow cannabis, you can go for either traditional or hydroponic grow.
  • You need an mmj recommendation and a grower’s license to grow more than 6 adult cannabis plants at your residence.
  • The cannabis sold at dispensaries isn’t as expensive as that accessible at retail stores, which means that with an MMJ card California you can get your hands on good quality and economical cannabis products. However, for patients with greater cannabis requirements that find it too troublesome to buy expensive cannabis from dispensaries, growing your own stash might be the perfect solution.

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