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How is a Grower License in California Different From a Cultivation License?

A California Grower’s License is different from a Cannabis Cultivation License.

The Grower’s License allows medical marijuana patients to grow cannabis at their place of residence for personal use. On the contrary, a cultivation license is used by businesses that cultivate cannabis for commercial purposes.

For personal use, growers can get this license as part of their recommendation letter. Firstly, you must be a medical marijuana cardholder or must apply for one if you need the grower’s license. When consulting the medical marijuana physician, communicate your need for more than 6 mature plants and get the limit exceeded.

In the case of a cultivation license, only the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) can issue the license for businesses. Cultivation licenses may vary on the basis of the type of production and lighting used, the number of plants, or the size of the canopy.

All cannabis grown for personal use must be cultivated in the privacy of your home, away from prying eyes. Commercial cannabis can be cultivated outdoor or indoors, but they both require different licenses.

How to apply for a Grower’s License in California?

Here is our 3 step process to get a Grower’s License in California

Fill Out a Form

First, register on our website, and fill out a form with your personal and medical details. This information will help our MMJ doctor evaluate your condition better. The platform is HIPAA compliant and all information shared remains confidential.

Consult a Physician

Second, you’ll be connected with our physician who will go through your application and evaluate your condition. If your physician believes that you require higher doses of cannabis they will mention it in your recommendation letter.

Receive License

If the physician approves your condition for a medical marijuana recommendation and a grower’s license, you’ll receive the letter in PDF form via email. This letter will state that the doctor believes you will benefit from growing more than 6 mature plants.

Qualifying conditions for California Grower’s License?

A California medical marijuana card holder can only apply for a California Grower’s License. To become eligible for the recommendation, you must be diagnosed with one of the state-approved medical conditions. These include acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), anorexia, arthritis, cachexia (wasting syndrome), cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraine, severe nausea, persistent muscle spasms (for example, spasms caused by multiple sclerosis), and, seizures (for example, epileptic seizures). The physician evaluating your condition can decide to recommend cannabis for a condition not specified in the list if they believe that your symptoms can improve with marijuana. However, to grow cannabis at your place of residence, you must be at least 18 years of age. For minor medical marijuana patients, guardians or caregivers can take over the responsibility of growing the cannabis and administering doses.

California Marijuana Grower Laws

Cannabis Grower Laws in California allow all citizens above the age of 21 years to grow marijuana at their place of residence for personal use.

Recreational users can grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants at home.

Medical marijuana users can grow 6 mature or 12 immature cannabis plants at home.

Growing more than this legal amount by either a recreational or a medical marijuana user is illegal and will be subjected to varying degrees of penalties.

Medical marijuana patients can exceed their growing limit by applying for a grower’s license. However, without this license, patients must abide by the legal limitations.

Marijuana plants should always be planted indoors, away from the sight of neighbors or those passing by.

Recreational marijuana should not be accessible to minors. Medical marijuana should not be accessible to recreational consumers.

Marijuana that is grown for personal use cannot be shared or sold as part of a commercial transaction.

The only people legally allowed to grow cannabis are MMJ patients above the age of 18, caregivers of minor MMJ patients, or recreational users above the age of 21.

Apart from the growing laws, there are other cannabis laws in California that you must be aware of and abide by at all times.