To consult a medical marijuana doctor in California, you have to fill an application form through a telemedicine platform. Soon after you submit the form, a state-certified physician will consult you over a video call and evaluate your condition. Upon approval, you will get a written recommendation from the doctor stating that you are eligible to use medical marijuana.

Yes, it is legal to get a recommendation from California board-certified doctors. With its help, you can consume, purchase, and possess certain limits without any worries.

Yes, you can use the digital PDF of your recommendation to buy and use cannabis online or at a physical store.

The digital PDF provided by Californiamarijuanadoctor will be accepted for online orders. You also get the recommendation printed or opt for our different price plan for new recommendations that includes a hard copy with an embossed seal in addition to an online PDF.

Consulting a medical marijuana doctor online is quite similar to in-clinic visits. The only exception, in this case, is that you meet the doctor over a video call. Rest assured, the process is quite similar to that of physical visits, and the best part is you can talk to the health physician from the comfort of your home. As for, the safety quotient, the evaluations are not only safe but also quick and inexpensive. You can ask questions, submit your medical records online, and clear your doubts without having to wait for an appointment. Not only this, but mainstream doctors, often restrain from handing out a medical marijuana recommendation. In such cases, you need a legit 420 doctor with expertise in the cannabis field.


If you’re searching for terms such as ‘how to find the best medical marijuana doctor near me,’ here’s what you need to know. You will come across several online clinics, however, not all of them are legit. And in order to recognize real from fake, you have to first see whether the clinic has an actual physical address or not.

Once this fact is established, you can fill a form on their website and meet an actual doctor over a video call. The doctor will not only provide you a recommendation and evaluate your condition thoroughly, but he will also have his license no. mentioned on the document. So, make sure that you watch out for these signs before finding a weed doctor online.

Yes, you can apply for a medical marijuana recommendation at if you are under 21 years old. As per California laws, the legal age to use medical cannabis in the state is 18 years. So, you can apply online and get approved easily.

Applying for an MMIC is completely optional. You are not obligated to get an MMIC card after receiving your medical marijuana recommendation.

When applying for an MMIC, the California Department of Public Health records your details in the state registry in addition to issuing you the card. So, it allows authorities to verify your details easily. Additionally, it offers tax benefits to MMJ patients.

A medical marijuana recommendation is a doctor’s letter stating that a patient is qualified to use medical marijuana for their health condition. A MMIC, on the other hand, is an identification card issued by the California Department of Public Health to patients with a valid medical marijuana recommendation. It identifies a patient as a registered medical marijuana patient in California and adds their details in the registry database.

You need the following documents for a medical marijuana recommendation:

  • State-issued photo ID card (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Residence proof.
  • Proof of emancipation or self-sufficiency (for minors).

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