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Why you need Medical Marijuana Card for Fresno?

A Medical Marijuana Card is an identification card that is used by patients to identify themselves to the state as medical marijuana user. This identification card is what is used by patients to enter medical dispensaries and make purchases related to the herb in Fresno.

This card is usually issued by the state, but in certain states like California, even a doctor’s recommendation works in a similar manner as the state-issued card.

Follow the Simple Steps to get Medical Marijuana Card in Fresno

1. Prequalification Form

The first step you need to complete is to fill out a simple form that requires you to list out all your basic medical history.

2. Consult With Doctor

You will now have a face-to-face consultation with an MMJ Doctor, who will carry out your 420 evaluation.

3. Receive MMJ Card

Once you complete the entire process, you will finally receive your recommendation on the same day.

How to Apply for a Fresno MMJ Card?

Follow a simple three-step process to consult a doctor and qualify for MMJ card today.


Sign up on the website, create your account and fill up a patient questionnaire. It will be sent directly to one of our doctors for a quick review.


The concerned doctor will evaluate your medical condition and review the medical information provided by you to determine if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana card or not.


Once approved, receive your Fresno MMJ card by email on the same day. A hard copy of your recommendation will also be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

What is $20 Medical Card Add on?

Keeping the convenience and comfort of our patients in mind, we provide them with an additional plastic MMJ identification card in Fresno. With just a minimal fee of $20, you can hold onto a wallet-sized ticket that can get you into any dispensary in your state.

You no longer have to go through the hassle of getting your E-recommendation letter printed and then carry it around every time you visit a dispensary or transport medical marijuana from the dispensary to your residence. This small Fresno MMJ card will legally protect you from the law in these cases and also allow you to purchase your medical marijuana doses.

Benefits of Having a MMJ Card in Fresno

Higher Grow Limit

With a medical cannabis card, you are allowed to grow up to 6 mature cannabis plants or 12 immature clones. But even this number is arbitrary and a patient is allowed to grow an amount that best meets their medical marijuana requirement.

Increased Access

With a medical marijuana card, you gain access to over 1000 such medical marijuana dispensaries. Additionally, there are also certain cannabis products and strains that are only available to medical users, which you can only access with a card.

Legal Protection

There is certain legal protection you get with a Fresno medical marijuana card that you otherwise might not have access to. This is especially applicable if you are driving or flying with cannabis.

Cannabis Laws for Fresno

The state of California has a very clear law in place regarding the consumption of cannabis. There is both medical as well as recreational cannabis available in dispensaries. There is also a medical marijuana program in place that allows people to safely access cannabis for various medical ailments. But then again, there are certain rules and regulations that one needs to follow if they are using cannabis. This is applicable to both recreational as well as medical users.

Some important rules to follow include :

You can carry 28.5 grams of plant material and about 8g of concentrated cannabis

To give or sell to minors is illegal

To use or possess recreational cannabis, you need to be 21 or older. This includes consumption in any form: smoking, vaping and even edibles infused with marijuana.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal

It is also illegal to consume cannabis in places where it is illegal to smoke. This means cannabis in bars, restaurants, public places, workplaces, and areas that fall within 15 feet of doors or openings for ventilation.

Only state-licensed establishments can sell retail cannabis products

Crossing state lines with cannabis is illegal as well.

Consumption, whether it is by smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis is illegal in public.

Opening a package that contains cannabis in any form is also illegal. Places include parks, sidewalks, residential areas, businesses, and beyond.

Do you want to renew your Fresno medical marijuana card?
A medical marijuana card is an annual undertaking. So, it is important that you get a renewal done on a yearly basis.