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Nobody wants to get rid of their cannabis stock, especially for experiencing that ‘high’ feeling one gets from the herb. Owing to the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis, its demand has always been high. Special thanks to cannabis legalization in most of the US states, getting weed has become easier. For instance, if you live in California, you just need recommendations from California marijuana doctors and you can access cannabis.

Special recognition has been offered to CBD and THC, the two most prevalent compounds found in the cannabis plant. The different compositions of these two cannabinoids affect the duration of the ‘high’ you get from weed. Now, the main concern is how one can make cannabis high last longer? Well, before answering that question, first you need to be aware of the factors that affect your high time. Read below-

Factors Affecting Your ‘High’ Time

There are plenty of factors that affect an individual’s high time. Below we have enlisted the most common ones that you should know about-

Delivery Method

How you consume cannabis has a great influence on your ‘high’ duration. The rate of absorption depends on your consumption method and not on how much mg you consume. Smoking and vaping are known to have a high rate of absorption as it exposes the effects quickly. Edibles on the other hand, take a significant amount of time ( max. 2 hours) to kick in the effects but last longer.

Cannabis Strains

This is the most important and primary factor which influences your weed experience. There are different kinds of strains available offering different effects. For instance, Cannabis Indica gives more of a relaxing high while Cannabis Indica offers creative and energizing high.

It also depends on the level of THC in the strain. Strains with high THC levels are more likely to provide a long-lasting high experience while strains with low levels of THC are effective for a shorter period of time.


Though having a faster metabolism might be good for weight loss and overall health, this might not be the ideal case for marijuana users. People having slow metabolism are more likely to experience a long-lasting high as their body processes the chemicals slowly. This eventually gives more time to enjoy the high effect.

Tolerance Level

One of the other factors that affect weed experience is your tolerance level. Regular cannabis users are more likely to feel the high for a shorter period of time than beginners. It is also said that consuming weed in moderate quantities can increase your high time.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are other things also that influence one’s marijuana experience. An individual’s age, weight, height and other medical treatments can also be taken into consideration.

Tips For a Long-Lasting High

Drink Beer

The combination of alcohol and weed can actually be great for your overall cannabis experience. A smart alcohol consumption before using weed can result in a more intense and longer high, leaving you satisfied for hours. Though many people think that mixing beer with marijuana can be a risky move leading to vomiting and other side-effects, that’s not necessarily the case. If you know the science behind it, you got it.

Mangoes Can Help

Eating mangoes to raise your ‘high’ experience might sound weird or funny, but it’s true. Mangoes contain the same fragrance that of terpene such as myrcene which is also present in marijuana strains. Though it is said that mangoes should be eaten half an hour before the weed consumption, time-boundation really isn’t the concern. As long as you are eating mangoes near the time of your marijuana use, they will help you keep the high feeling for a longer period of time.

Sweet Potatoes

Aah! What could be more satisfying than eating sweet potatoes to maintain your marijuana high. This delicious food, any day, can lift your mood up. Sweet Potatoes contain carbohydrates and B-vitamins which increase serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin is the ‘happy hormone’ that influences different functions such as mood, behavior, pain, pleasure, etc. Eating sweet potatoes before weed enhances your overall cannabis-high experience.

Go Nuts

Another tried way to increase the duration of your ‘high’ is to eat different nuts. Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which are nutritious for your health and bind to the cannabinoids in marijuana. Different studies also suggest that eating nuts can provide a soothing effect to your overall cannabis experience.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the duration of the ‘high’ you get from cannabis depends on various factors. And the above-mentioned hacks are just to add a little extra time and enhance the overall ‘high’ experience. Having said all of that, it is highly imperative that you always do mindful cannabis consumption. Know your body and see if you can afford to have a joint session once in a while. If yes, enjoy my friend and if not, then consult a marijuana doctor and he shall provide you with a harmless solution.

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