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Californian laws for cannabis use make good-quality products very accessible. With both recreational and medical use being legal in the state, however, there are hundreds of wanna-be retailers trying to sell their products as high-quality weed.

This is where buying products from a dispensary rather than a random retailer comes into place. Even when your card expires (which happens every year), you can easily renew your medical cannabis card and go on using high quality & high potency products at lower prices.

You’ll also find retail stores and eCommerce channels that are advocated by medical marijuana doctors. If you’re not eligible for MMJ, it’s always preferable to buy your marijuana stash from such retailers, where the quality can be guaranteed.

Even with the legalization of recreational marijuana, there are a bunch of limitations as to how far the consumption goes, how much you can possess or how you travel with your stash. An MMJ card can save you that extra buck spent, and keep you out of any legal potholes.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card

An MMJ can open a bunch of new avenues for you. When contemplating if you should apply for or renew medical cannabis card, here are some things to remember.

Get Quality Cannabis

We’re not saying every retailer out there is selling bad quality products but it is still a gamble. And what if you don’t find the right seller? That’s quite a sum down the drain and a bad experience to tie it down with.

If you’re someone looking for cannabis to relieve the symptoms of any medical condition, it is always a better option to opt for a physician’s recommendation over your own.

With the MMJ card you can get your hands on high quality, high potency, multiple cannabis strains and products from any dispensary across the state.

Possess High Potency Strains

The best part about buying cannabis from a dispensary is the wide variety of strains to choose from. But as a recreational user, you’ll still be limited to just a few products.

Once you receive a medical cannabis card, you can buy and possess more quantities of high potency marijuana.

According to the legal limit, your stash can have no more than 0.3% THC in a hemp-derived concoction. But the same limitation does not apply to medically recommended cannabis. Even though there are legislations being written out there to limit the concentration of THC in these products, they still have a much higher potency level than what is recreationally legal.

Get Your Stash At 18

You can apply for a medical marijuana card after you’re legally 18, making the herbs accessible at an early age.

Unlike its recreational counterpart that you cannot buy unless you’re 21 and above, medical marijuana can be bought as long as you’re above 18 and have a certified medical cannabis card.

Anyone suffering from ailments shouldn’t have to wait a few years before getting their cannabis doses, and with a medical marijuana card, you can get your hands on some very potent and beneficial products.

Grower’s Limit

California has legalized both medical and recreational use of marijuana, allowing everyone to grow their own stash without depending on dispensaries or retails. But how much can you grow without an MMJ card? Not much.

After you’ve applied for a medical marijuana recommendation (with a grower’s license), you can go up and beyond the recreational limit of growing the herb. If you’re suffering from chronic pain that doesn’t settle with the cannabis doses you get at the dispensary, this might be your best option.

Travel With Cannabis

This one’s tricky but still plausible. In states like California, which have extremely supportive laws when it comes to MMJ use, traveling inside border states isn’t hard. As long as you’re carrying a legally acceptable amount and aren’t using the drug in public places, you’re good to go. But if you’re a recreational user, you can be stopped, questioned or even searched by local authorities.

A medical cannabis card gives you a ticket to possess up to 8 ounces of dried marijuana or equivalent even when flying domestically. This can change depending on your doctor’s recommended dosage, which has to be specified in the recommendation letter.

However, when traveling across state borders, the laws of the other state need to be taken into consideration. While some state authorities allow visitors to bring their own cannabis along, it’s not the case with every state. Some even have reciprocity programs, allowing you to purchase cannabis products in their own state. Depending on the laws of the place you’re visiting, you may or may not be at the liberty to carry your medication doses.

To travel across border lines you must have your MMJ card and recommendation letter. Both of these documents have an expiration date, so make sure your documents are up to date. If they are close to expiration, renew medical cannabis cards to stay out of any legal loop.

As a recreational user, you are, under no law, allowed to carry even an ounce of cannabis when traveling across borders.

Cutting Down on Costs, Adding on Health

If you didn’t already know, cannabis products when bought from a dispensary (with a medical marijuana card) can be a safer bet for both your pockets and your health. You end up saving on the expenses as medical cannabis is not subjected to the same taxes as recreational cannabis. On the other hand, you’re getting good quality, safer products that give a boost to your confidence in the treatment.

The source of CBD, the concentration of THC, the pesticides or microbes in your product, your cannabis purchase should assure you of all these criteria.

We’ve already weighed the benefits of getting a medical cannabis card over buying it from retailers, especially if you have medical conditions to resolve. So, it might be time to apply for your mmj card if you already haven’t, or renew your medical cannabis card today.

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