California has been one of the leading states of the USA when it comes to its marijuana laws. The journey of marijuana in California started long back in the year 1996 with the legalization of medical marijuana which was a direct result of the implementation of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. It then went on to pass the Adult Use of Marijuana Act in 2016 which legally approved the recreational use of marijuana for the people of the state.

‘Why should I then get a medical cannabis card online, when the recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state of California?’ This is undoubtedly the most commonly asked question by the large gamut of people wanting to try the alternative form of therapy by using medical marijuana to treat their serious health concerns. With the way that cannabis-derived medicinal products have overtaken the market, the confusion hasn’t necessarily been dissipated by any means.

To help the people get rid of their doubts based on this issue the benefits of medical marijuana cards need to be spelled out. Patients usually always require a constant supply of MMJ medications to alleviate their pains and symptoms, does an MMJ card help with that? What benefit will an MMJ card offer a patient that the recreational user does not enjoy?

Let us find the answers to such queries which question the benefits of getting a medical cannabis card online in California.

Continuous Care

The foremost benefit that can be promised to a patient of medical marijuana is continuous care. What care does this include? Well, a patient with an MMJ card in California is firstly open to the possibilities of receiving all the therapeutic and medicinal benefits which come as an obvious result of using medical cannabis solutions to treat their disorders. Along with this the second benefit of getting an MMJ card is automatically being exposed to the multiple benefits which will be listed after this point. The access to the unlimited guidance of medical marijuana doctors and innumerable products available in the market is a big benefit in itself.

Full Legal Protection

As has been established already, cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational purposes in the state of California. However, no marijuana law is concrete in its effect because at both the federal level and state level, the different stances confuse the legal status of the use, purchase and cultivation of medical cannabis for the common people. However, when patients have an MMJ card that recognizes them as an MMJ patient it adds authenticity to their marijuana usage which contributes to the security of their usage as well as could work to possibly save them from legal troubles.

Access to Medical Only Dispensaries With Potent Products

For a recognized patient who has a medical cannabis card in the state of California, access to medical marijuana-only dispensaries is a marked service that is one of major significance. This is important to be mentioned here as the little retail shops that sell marijuana to recreational users do not offer even half the products and services that are offered at these medical marijuana-only dispensaries.

With an MMJ card, a patient can simply walk into the medical marijuana-only dispensaries and buy the products as per their need and preferred method of consumption. The products for sale in these dispensaries are highly potent which ensures the best possible effects for the patient and the taxes on each product is significantly less. The guidance that the knowledgeable people present at these MMJ dispensaries offer to beginners is also of real value as it helps in getting rid of any doubts or resolving any preconceived misconceptions.

Helps in Savings

Using marijuana is not a cheap thrill that people can indulge in as easily. Especially in the case of a recreational user, as there are many taxes that are exercised on the limited products that are available in the market which makes the prices of these products quite unreasonable and outlandish.

A patient with an MMJ card in their hand can enjoy the tax reduction benefits that come along with being a recognized MMJ patient. The special deals and offers that are offered to only the MMJ card patients through the medical marijuana only dispensaries can help people in saving up to thousands of dollars. Making use of the MMJ card hence makes complete financial sense by minimizing the bills and cutting down on the upfront costs.

Higher Usage, Purchase and Cultivation Limits

The usage, purchase and cultivation limits of medical cannabis is quite high as compared to a recreational user. As per Californian laws, where a recreational user can use, possess and purchase 1 ounce of cannabis or 7 grams of concentrated cannabis and cultivate up to 6 live plants, an MMJ cardholder can legally purchase and possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana and cultivate 12 live plants. The huge difference in the limits is so apparent that it cannot be ignored to any degree. Hence applying for a medical cannabis card online seems like a good idea now, doesn’t it?

Lower Age Limit

Another important aspect of being an MMJ cardholder in the state of California which is apparent is through the age limit of consumption. It is legal for recreational users to purchase, possess, use and cultivate cannabis only when they are 21 years of age or older. For a patient with a medical marijuana card, the age limit is prescribed to be 18 years and above. Hence, if a patient is suffering from some serious health conditions they can apply for the MMJ card at 18 and consequently enjoy the benefits.


Enlisting all these pointers which highlight the many benefits that a medical marijuana cardholder gets in the state of California is of much use for all the patients that are unaware of the significance of these MMJ cards. All a patient needs to do is find and consult legit California medical marijuana doctors near them, register for the card on a reliable online site and receive their own medical cannabis cards as soon as possible.