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Medical marijuana is ruling the healthcare industry and you have finally decided to give it a shot. But the information available on the internet may be overwhelming and not exactly what you are looking for. There are plenty of articles explaining what marijuana is and how it may benefit you but what are you supposed to do to get your hands over medical marijuana? You may already be holding a California MMJ card and seeking guidance regarding the next possible step but you are again and again introduced to the intricacies of the cannabis plant and its health benefits.

Honestly, we feel you! So, to help you out and give you some tips that would make it easier for you to figure things out as a fresher in this field, we have decided to explain the process and steps of getting the right marijuana for your condition from a local dispensary once you already have a California MMJ Card.

In case you are yet to purchase a medical marijuana card, we have another article dedicated to finding legit marijuana doctors near you.

Search a Decent Dispensary Around You

You don’t need to travel a lot, especially if you are in California. You must have a local dispensary near you. Find the closest one or the one that is easier to access and just step in, without hesitation. You can talk to the budtenders or caregivers present there and let them know that you are a first-time cannabis patient. It has been found that the budtenders in the dispensaries can help you get aware of the strains, potency, and effects of the products according to your needs and conditions. They may be a great source of information and would help you select a product that would perfectly suit your preferences and condition.

Do Your Research

You don’t have to study everything about marijuana and its strains available in the market. But the least you can do is gather information regarding the different types of products and consumption methods available in the market and how they shall make you feel so that you already know what you are going to purchase and make it simpler for yourself and the caregiver to only explore a specific range of products.

There are a myriad of products available in the market and it can be overwhelming to narrow down to one product especially when you already haven’t made up your mind about the consumption method that you would prefer either.

To begin with, one must know that medical marijuana is not only consumed by smoking the bud. One can choose to ingest or apply marijuana too. If cigarette smoking is the concern, one can choose to vape marijuana. The effects shall be similar and less harmful. Ingestion has options under it as well. One can consume marijuana orally, that is by eating marijuana-infused products such as brownies, cookies, chocolates, gummies, and candies or they can even take marijuana sublingually, that is by holding cannabis-infused oil under the tongue for a good 60 seconds. The options don’t end here. If you are consuming marijuana to treat pain in a specific part of the body, you can simply apply marijuana-infused ointment, cream, or gel on that particular area. That way you won’t get marijuana in your system, and hence avoid the ‘high’.

Understand What You Want

You need to realize that there are types of marijuana available in the market and not every marijuana bud or strain works in the same manner. You will have to realize beforehand what your expectations exactly are and what you are looking for.

If you want a treatment for your condition without getting high, you should go for a product that has more CBD and little to no traces of THC. Indica strains would be the right choice for experiencing a high that promotes relaxation and reduces pain whereas for a high that instigates your artsy side, choose sativa strains.

You can explain what effects you are looking for to your budtender and they will give you the best product available according to your preferences.

Be Open to Experiment

When you are new to the whole cannabis world, you won’t find the perfect strain and product for yourself in the very first attempt. You will have to research, explore, and experiment new products, different strains, potency, and quantity to finally find the perfect match that would give you the exact effects you are looking for.

Follow the Rules

There are certain rules and laws made by the state and the federal government regarding the consumption of marijuana. It is important to keep them in mind at every point to ensure legal as well as personal security.

  • Do not drive either after or while consuming marijuana.
  • Make sure you are not consuming marijuana in any form at a public property.
  • Even if you are in someone else’s private property, for instance, living on rent with landlords, make sure they are okay with your condition and marijuana consumption, especially if you prefer smoking.
  • Consuming marijuana at the workplace isn’t completely supported by some state governments so it is highly recommended to take written permission from the manager or senior at the workplace before consuming marijuana.
  • Even if your car is in the parking lot and the engine is off, consuming marijuana can still attract legal repercussions.

If possible, at all times, prefer being inside your home, while consuming marijuana, in a position where you wouldn’t have to rush things up or have important tasks to perform after getting marijuana in your system. It is always advised to sit back and relax while having marijuana so that you can feel the calming effects and get the therapeutic benefits of the same.

Don’t Panic

New users can often feel anxious and a strong adrenaline rush after consuming marijuana in the initial few times. Understand that it is completely okay. You may get high sooner than average consumers and it may show visible effects that you may have not expected. As a newbie, your body is completely alien to marijuana and there are chances it may react more but it shall be temporary. There’s no need to panic or rush into conclusions.



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