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For a long time, cannabis has been a preferred solution among people suffering from anxiety. Its therapeutic properties have played an important role in calming the mind and promoting clarity of thought among millions across the globe. It has continuously proven to be a quick and effective way to beat anxious feelings.

Considering the huge medical potential of the herb, marijuana doctors California openly recommend cannabis for anxiety patients. That’s right, you can use cannabis as an anxiety medication.

But, among the different cannabis consumption methods, there are a few that work better than the rest. So, we had a word with the best physicians in California to bring you a list of the most effective cannabis products to beat anxiety.

Best Cannabis Delivery Methods for Anxiety Recommended by Marijuana Doctors California

Unlike conventional anxiety medications, a plus point of using medical cannabis is the fact that there are dozens of options available for you. From smokables to edibles, you can opt for whichever option fits you best.

However, if you are particular about getting rid of your anxiety in the best possible way, we have a list of methods recommended by marijuana doctors in California that may provide the best relief.


The tricky part about anxiety is that it can hit you at any point in time and requires a quick and effective solution. In that case, smokable cannabis is the best option.

Inhaling smoke works almost instantly and relieves anxiety easily. The smoke carries the therapeutic cannabinoids into the lungs which are then absorbed by the bloodstream to give you the calm you need. This process takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes. The quick onset of smokes, pre-rolls and joints make it a viable option for those who need an instant fix to anxiety. And the effects of one session can last up to 3 to 4 hours.

Smokable cannabis is available in many forms. You can choose between loose flowers, pre-rolls and cigarettes. Each one does the job perfectly.


If smoking is not your cup of tea, try vaping. Since it also involves inhaling cannabinoids, you will not be consuming cannabis in a very different way than smoking. Though vaping is just as quick as smoking in delivering anti-anxiety effects, some argue that vaping may be better than smoking cannabis.

Unlike smoking, vaping does not involve combustion. So, it allows you to enjoy the flavor and get the advantage of cannabis in a vapor form. It’s also the reason why vaping offers a more potent hit than smoking.

You can vape cannabis using multiple products like a disposable vape pen, a water pipe, or a vaporizer. A small difference here would be that unlike smoking, which only involves dry herb, you can vape concentrated cannabis like shatter, wax, resin and oil besides dry herb.


If inhaling cannabis is completely out of the picture for you, medical marijuana doctors recommend trying cannabis gummies.

These cannabis-infused gummies are available in different flavors and let you enjoy the calming benefits of cannabis in delicious flavors. The best part is that there is no hassle of smoke involved.

Now, gummies do not work as instantly as smokes and vapes. Since it takes time for edibles to be metabolized in the body, it can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes for them to kick in. However, the effects linger for a long time ranging from 8 hours to the entire day. So, while gummies may not be the best option for quick relief, it can give a stronger and longer relief than smoking and vaping.


Cannabis tinctures offer a middle ground between ingesting and inhaling cannabis. Tinctures are generally used sublingually. So, you use them by placing a few drops under your tongue to relieve anxiety. Now, sublingual administration offers an onset of 15 to 45 minutes. So, the effects are neither as instant as inhaling cannabis, nor too delayed as edibles.

Patients can also use tincture by ingesting it like oil or adding a few drops into a beverage like tea or coffee. In this case, the onset time may be delayed since your body requires time to metabolize the ingested tincture.

A tincture formulation offers you low as well as high potencies allowing it to be an ideal option for beginners as well as experienced consumers.


Cannabis softgels or capsules are for those who want an easy way to consume cannabis. These are gelatin capsules that contain a specific amount of cannabis oil in each unit. Unlike other forms of administration, softgels or capsules are flavorless and odorless. You do not have to do much other than ingest one or two when you feel anxious.

Since softgels are edibles, their onset is also similar to gummies and other ingestible forms. However, softgels do not include other ingredients except pure cannabis oil which may reduce the overall onset time by a small amount.


Though there are a variety of methods of administration for medical cannabis, it does not necessarily mean that each one will help your medical condition equally. There will always be one that will suit you better than the other.

Now, though cannabis doctors have narrowed down the best cannabis consumption methods for people suffering with anxiety, it is only after a consultation with a legit medical marijuana doctor that you will be able to truly manage your anxiety using medical cannabis. So, have a consultation with one of the marijuana doctors in California today to find out.

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