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Insomnia has been described as the inability of a person to sleep peacefully at night. This is somewhat of an extremely easy definition as it doesn’t truly represent all the relatable connotations of the said disorder. The difficulty with sleeping gets classified as a disorder when ‘the initiation, duration, consolidation or quality of sleep’ of a person is affected due to a number of reasons.

What are the causes that have been accredited with the creation of this disorder and how can a California medical cannabis card help patients with insomnia, let’s find out.

What Are the Causes of Insomnia?

Since insomnia as a problem is evident in a person who suffers from sleep loss, there has been constant research into the causes that lead to this stage in people’s lives. The prevalence of insomnia as a disorder is thus caused due to the below-listed reasons.

Mental Health Disorders

It is not alien to imagine how mental health disorders like severe cases of depression, stress and anxiety can lead to the state of insomnia in people. It is quite obvious when the mind of the individual is not at rest and in a constant state of worry there would be no sleep for them. PTSD i.e Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is also a medical condition which almost always causes insomnia in people. The people relive their past traumas in their sleep and become insomniacs.

Intake of Certain Medications

There are certain medications that knock off sleep for some patients. As we are all well aware of the side effects of allopathic medicines no one can doubt the insomniac effects these meds have on people. Some of the medicines that treat common health issues like depression, allergies and the common cold are known to cause difficulty in sleeping for the patient. This is due to the use of caffeine and other such sleep-disrupting stimulants in the formulation itself.

Lifestyle Related Choices

Lifestyle is an umbrella term and to use it as a cause for insomnia sounds ridiculous. Here, however, the reference is to lifestyle-related issues which include the prevalence of indulging in unhealthy practices. What are these unhealthy choices that lead people to suffer from insomnia? Well, anything like the excessive use of mobile phones just before bed or eating too much before bed or even sitting for long hours in front of video games can lead to insomnia in people. Many studies have been conducted which have found out that blue light that is emitted from devices like smartphones and computers can affect the sleep cycle of people.

Hectic Everyday Working Schedule

This is another reason that is quite popular especially with the workaholic generation of the 21st century. Sometimes people just don’t know when to stop and constantly keep working till they become ill. Leading this sort of stressful and hectic life is not the sign of a healthy living individual. This reflects the irresponsible behavior of the individual who cannot exercise proper restraints in life. Where each phase of life needs to be separated from the other, these workaholics let work invade their home life, their relationships, and any other personal sphere of their life.

Excessive Caffeine, Nicotine or Alcohol Consumption

People who choose to exceed their daily consumption of addictive substances like caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol are bound to suffer. There is no doubt that when one makes excessive use of any substance continuously, it definitely results in some form of side effect for them. These side effects which are a result of the obsessive use of caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol are then known to cause insomnia in people.

How Can a Medical Marijuana Card Help in the Treatment of Insomnia?

As we have already discussed the main causes that lead to insomnia in people, we can now safely move on to elaborate on the topic of medical marijuana being an effective treatment for it. Due to the study that has investigated the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, it is safe to say that it has emerged as one of the best natural plant-derived solutions for the treatment of insomnia in patients.

Cannabis works successfully in picking apart and dispersing all the major causes of insomnia in people. Any form of stress can be alleviated with the help of medical cannabis and so can many depressive symptoms. Along with that, a patient with a cannabis medical card can also choose a rather potent product to disseminate their PTSD or chronic pain symptoms. This aspect is especially important if we correlate it with insomnia. For patients who suffer from intense pains or terrifying traumatic nightmares, marijuana can provide relief to them too. Which in turn helps boost the quality of sleep for people.

Apart from this, cannabis can also cure the symptoms of smoking or drinking addictions of harmful substances like nicotine and caffeine respectively. For this then aspect of vaping marijuana proves to be a viable form of treatment. This makes cannabis a successful sleep-aid for an unperturbed or deep sleep, especially for all insomnia patients.

When the wondrous benefits of cannabis in the treatment of insomnia are so apparent in people, it becomes important to get a medical cannabis card online. Getting a medical cannabis card online, especially in a state like California, comes with many added benefits. Hence, being such a beneficial practice, there exists no contradiction.

Final Thoughts

If someone would then question you whether getting a medical cannabis card in California is worth it, the answer would invariably be yes. Hence it is not only beneficial in the way of treatment but is quite pocket-friendly too. Therefore if you want to make use of cannabis for the treatment of insomnia in the state of California, be smart and apply for your medical cannabis card today.

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