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CBD is such a trend right now, you’re sure to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of it. And if that’s true, we’ll help you come to terms with the times we’re living in.

CBD is one of the crucial cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants that has taken both the recreational and medical market by a storm. With a long list of associated benefits and potential for more, CBD has been availed in multiple retail stores and dispensaries.

While you only need to be above the age of 21 and a legal citizen of California to get CBD products from stores, you must go through a 420 doctor evaluation and have an mmj card handy to access medical CBD doses. These CBD products can be found in a variety of different forms, from gummies and oils to topical creams and transdermal patches.

In this article, we’ll only focus on CBD topicals, their types, their benefits and what to look for in a topical before buying. But before we get into these details, let’s briefly discuss what CBD topicals are.

CBD Topicals: A Brief Introduction

CBD topicals refer to all cannabidiol products that can be applied topically to the skin.

CBD topicals are:

  • Best suited for targeted relief, the balms and lotions can be applied to provide instant relief.
  • These topicals range from pain relieving balms to massage oils, skin care products and transdermal patches.
  • Their effects last longer than ingestible CBD substitutes and are best suited for people who do not enjoy consuming edibles or oils.

Types of CBD Topicals

Topical applications range from ointments applied to reduce inflammation, transdermal patches for pain relief to potent toners applied to help with acne.

Keeping in mind the versatility of CBD products, let’s talk in brief about all types of topicals that are used today.


You can find different CBD oils for different purposes, some to be consumed while others to be applied on the skin. You’ll find a variety of massage oil infused with CBD and essential oils like lavender that’ll help relax you after a long day. These oils are a great way to target pain in particular parts of the body for quick and retained benefits.

CBD Ointments and Salves

Similar to oils, CBD ointments, balms and salves are a common source of targeted relief for chronic pain, muscle and joint therapies and similar purposes. These products have a thicker consistency as they contain some oils or wax, and stops them from being absorbed by the skin too quickly. And the longer the product stays, the longer will the benefits too. In other words, the relief lasts longer with these products.

Like oils, these products also contain essential oils with pain relieving or relaxing benefits that help patients have a healthier lifestyle.

CBD Lotions and Creams

Lighter than oils, salves and balms, these work in pretty much the same way, but aren’t as potent or long-lasting. Lotions get absorbed in the skin pretty quickly and once all the product is completely absorbed, it stops being effective.

These, however, can be extremely moisturizing while also relieving pain at targeted spots.

CBD Skin Care

These have been a recent addition to the list of products available to try our hand at. Whoever thought of adding CBD to skincare was a genius. Think about it, both the industries are at their peak at the moment and it’s only fair to say they’ll grow more in the coming years. But it’s not just the hype of the two industries that make these products a favorite.

This combination has also proven to be extremely beneficial for reducing skin inflammation and improving the skin texture. CBD use in reducing symptoms of acne, psoriasis and eczema is fondly talked about by patients too tired of using extremely potent medications that lead to other skin related issues.

CBD Transdermal Patches

If you’re looking for an alternative to edibles or ingestibles, transdermal patches can help with CBD absorption into the bloodstream without actually consuming any.

These patches help with localized pain relief by providing CBD continuously to the area it is applied to.

Unlike edibles that have to pass through the digestive system, losing much of the CBD, these patches help in the quick and direct absorption of CBD into the bloodstream.

Unlike lotions and creams that stop being effective once the layer applied gets absorbed by the skin, these patches provide potent CBD for much longer.

With how direct and potent the dosage is, transdermal patches can deliver overwhelming doses to first time users.

Who May Benefit From CBD Topicals?

CBD has found its way into every topical treatment, from pain to dryness and flakiness of the skin. Medical marijuana California doctors can recommend high potency CBD topicals for conditions like arthritis and neuropathic pain while patients suffering from skin inflammatory conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis can benefit from using recreational doses of topical CBD.

Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis

There is a reason that CBD cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers are such a hype right now. Conditions like bacterial acne, inflammation of the skin leading to conditions like eczema and psoriasis have benefited from topical CBD application.

A small study to research the effects of the cannabinoid on patients of inflammatory skin diseases and cutaneous scars showed that the use of CBD rich ointment improved the skin health, reduced symptoms and more.


Studies support the idea of topical CBD application for the improvement and relief for patients suffering from arthritis pain. More than any ingestibles, topical application can help with better absorption and targeted benefits. Topicals are also associated with the least negative effects that can be associated with CBD consumption, making them the preferable mode of dosage.

Medical marijuana California doctors often recommend the use of topical CBD products to help with arthritis pain and discomfort.


Neuropathy can be a result of physical trauma to the body or other conditions like diabetes, alcohol abuse disorder, inflammatory conditions, hypothyroidism, infections or nutrient deficiencies. While there are quite a few prescription medications available for a bunch of these conditions, sometimes their doses aren’t enough. In such cases, patients often turn to CBD to relieve their symptoms and for good reason.

As evidence shows, CBD can be a substitutional pain reliever for peripheral neuropathy of low extremities.

Patients that aren’t able to find relief with their prescribed drugs can reach out to a California marijuana doctor and apply for a 420 doctor evaluation.

Things to Look For Before Buying CBD Products

Whether topicals or ingestible, you should always pay attention to the following when buying CBD products.

Third-Party Tests

These unbiased lab tests can tell you exactly what has been used to make these products and how safe and reliable they are.

CBD Source

Only hemp derived CBD is legal but if your product only specifies the use of hemp oil, it may not have any CBD in it. It’s important to do your research before buying such a product.


Even if you’re buying from a reputable brand, they may add ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction or an ingredient that may not be necessary.


These CBD doses enter your bloodstream through the skin so your body might react differently to them as opposed to ingestibles. It’s necessary to know the potency of CBD you’re applying to your skin and the concentration of all other cannabinoids.

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