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Have you heard of the term “an-eight” while shopping for cannabis? This used to be a common measure of weight when the substance hadn’t been widely legalized. However, such terms can be confusing to those who’d much rather talk about quantities in grams or ounces. It can also be a hassle for someone who isn’t familiar with shopping at medical marijuana dispensaries alone.

Of course, you can also shop for a gram of marijuana, but when you factor in the prices at the dispensary, you may find that an-eight is more suitable. So, the latter may fit better into your budget. Whether you want to stick to grams or ounces, it will be beneficial to understand all the quantities available at the dispensary and how much they cost.

Moreover, understanding the terms will help you stay within the legal possession limit of your state and avoid over-consuming. In this blog, we will help you understand the common terms used for the cannabis’ quantity and how much they cost on average.

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What Are the Common Cannabis Measurements and Their Prices?

A Gram

A gram of weed is the smallest quantity you can purchase. It equals 1/28, or one-twenty eighth of an ounce. It is perfect for beginners and when you simply want to try a new strain.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $5-$15 for this much quantity, and some state prices may even go up to $20 with marijuana tax. Consumers usually get three joints from a gram of weed.

You may also find a gram being referred to as the following in a dispensary:

• Dub
• Dime bag
• 20- snack

Two Grams

You may wonder why one and two grams are listed here separately. Well, this is how the cannabis industry has its set quantities and you may find it in dispensaries. It will usually cost you around $20-$30 without tax. It is great for newbies with medical issues.

You can make five to six strong blunts with it, or several mild joints. It is also known as the following:

• Dub of bud
• Bud sack

An Eighth

This may be surprising to new users but an eighth of cannabis is equal to 3.5 grams. Many dispensaries sell four-ounce bundles that are also cost-effective. So, how much does an eight cost? It is generally between $25-$35 without tax and would save you a lot of money as opposed to buying three grams separately.

However, you may also find some dispensaries selling them for as high as $50. Feel free to ask the staff at the dispensary why it costs so much. Experienced users with a high tolerance can make three to four large joints from this quantity, while intermediate users can make around 7 joints. If you are a complete newbie, you could try splitting it into nine joints.

Other common names for an eighth include half a quarter, slice, edify, and cut.

• Cut
• Eify
• Slice
• Half a quarter

A Quarter

A quarter is ¼ of an ounce or 7 grams. They are often the go-to amount for heavy users, and not really advisable for new users. However, people with less experience and a medical condition that calls for a heavy dose could purchase this much amount.

A quarter of cannabis usually costs between $50-$70 without tax. If you are looking for affordable options, ask for mid-shelf or lower-top shelf strains instead of reserving weed with high potency. You can roll six to seven blunts or a few more joints from a quarter.

A quarter is also commonly known as:

• A quad
• Two-eighths

Half an Ounce

Half of an ounce equals 14 grams and is usually available for $100-$150. Buying half an ounce would cost you the same as buying seven grams separately. However, you can also find it in a few areas for as low as $50 but that would just be a pre-ground flower, suitable only for joints.

Depending on whether you roll blunts or joints and how potent you want them to be, half an ounce of marijuana should last you 12-15 days. It is also known by the following names:

• Half a zip
• Half-o
• Half an O

One Ounce

An ounce of marijuana is equal to 28 grams. In most states with legalized recreational marijuana, this is the limit. However, medical patients can usually possess more, depending upon the state. You can usually acquire this quantity for $100- $300, and it should last you about a month.

You also need to keep in mind that most states do not allow storing an ounce of marijuana for more than 14 days. So, stay updated on the marijuana laws of your state. If you unknowingly violate them, it can be considered that you possess the intent to sell. This is also why it is best to apply for an MMJ card, but more on that later.

Coming back to an ounce of weed, you can easily make around 50 blunts from it, and 100 joints! This quantity is only suitable for heavy users and medical marijuana users. You may also hear it being referred to as the following in a dispensary:

• Zip
• Lid
• Ozone


It is important to be aware of how much cannabis you’re consuming. Moreover, all joints and blunts are not the same, as strains come in lots of different potencies. The same goes for products like gummies, vapes, etc.

So, how can you ensure that you do not overconsume? It is best to take proper consultation from a 420 doctor. They will help you clear all your doubts and help you understand the quantities better.

Moreover, a doctor can evaluate your condition and tell you the exact amount of cannabis you should consume. California Marijuana Doctor is the perfect place to get in touch with a highly skilled MMJ doctor.

Even in a recreational state like California, an MMJ card helps you save big bucks on cannabis tax. You also get access to exclusive deals. The best part is that you stay out of legal trouble when you have a medical card!

So, contact us today to get a quick and affordable medical marijuana card in California.

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