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Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card With California Marijuana Doctors

Cannabis legalization in California opened a major gateway for patients suffering from chronic ailments. While the herb is in no shape or form a “cure” for all ailments, it has proven to be the best alternative to traditional medication for managing symptoms. It also carries minimal side effects as opposed to other opioid-based medications.

Keeping this in mind, our California Marijuana Doctors are working towards simplifying the complete process of getting evaluated and receiving a recommendation without any hassle.

Our first initiative has been the digitization of the complete process. Unlike other clinics, we do not require you to visit our clinic, instead, we bring the clinic to you. You can consult our doctors from any mobile device of your choice, from the comforts of your home.

Benefits of Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card

Legal Protection

Purchase, consume, grow and travel with legal quantities of cannabis without any legal complications. This is applicable as long as you follow through with all the state guidelines.

Age Restrictions

Patients above the age of 18 can legally get access to potent cannabis while minors can get their doses under the guidance of a caregiver. For recreational cannabis, you must be at least 21 years of age.

Growing and Consumption Limits

Grow, consume and purchase more cannabis than recreational users can. The card protects you from any penalties that a recreational user might have to face.

Price Efficient

Dispensary-bought cannabis is free from any sales tax, which is applicable in the case of recreational cannabis. Patients only have to pay a 15 percent excise tax on medical products.

Access to Dispensaries

The card gives direct access to local dispensaries where you can purchase high-quality and potent products.

Access to Potent Cannabis

Products sold at dispensaries go through quality checks and always come with a certificate of analysis. You can check the quality of these products without compromises.

Running Out of Time With Your Medical Marijuana Card? It Might Be Time for a Renewal!

Allow our state-licensed doctors to evaluate your condition and renew your medical recommendation before the previous one loses validity!

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Who Should Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in California?

A medical marijuana card provides patients with constant, consistent, and easy access to affordable healthcare. Therefore, anybody in the need of cannabis assistance to target their health conditions should apply for a medical recommendation.

The state of California also has a list of medical conditions that can be treated better with the inclusion of cannabis in their treatment plan. However, while the list only states a handful of conditions, other conditions can also qualify, as per the recommending physician’s discretion.

We advise every patient who suffers from symptoms of chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, depression, appetite loss, etc., and has failed to notice improvement with conventional medicine to give medical marijuana a try.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation vs. Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC)

A medical marijuana recommendation and a medical marijuana identification card are two separate items that fulfill similar purposes, particularly in California.

Unlike some other U.S. states, California does not mandate registration with the state’s cannabis program before you can purchase cannabis from a dispensary. However, it does require you to get a recommendation.

The recommendation is a letter of confirmation provided by your consulting doctor which clarifies whether you require cannabis doses to manage your symptoms or not. In the time of telemedicine, this letter or certificate is shared via email in PDF form. You can also choose to get a plastic card for the convenience of carrying it around without wear or tear.

On the other hand, you can also use this recommendation letter to apply to California’s Marijuana Program and receive a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. While this card isn’t necessary for the state, it does add a layer of legal protection for patients who indulge in the purchase, consumption, and cultivation of cannabis.